Toolkit Resources

Creative practice research and ethics resources

University of Melbourne Library guide: Fine Art (Practice Based Art)- Ethics

Examples of policy and protocols

Australian Examples


Code of Practice

Australia Council

Children in art protocols

Protocols for working with Indigenous artists


International examples:

Duke University Ethics Modules : All modules

Cameras & Research: Tokyo skateboarders

Sensitive subjects: Cuba’s Underground economy

Durham University (UK) Participatory Research Hub

Participatory Research Hub for PAR – a 2 page overview of CSJCA resources

Dilemmas cafés:a guide for facilitators

Mapping alternative impact

Coinquiry Toolkit

Participatory Action Research Toolkit

Community Toolkit: a guide to working with universities on research projects

Ethics Guide for Community-based Participatory Research

Community Mentoring Tookit

Research in Transition: Developing Guidelines for Activist-Academic Research Collaborations