All 2016 iDARE abstracts

Attiwill ‘an ethics of exteriority’

Austin & Kohn Informed Consent in the rehearsal room – ethics, agency and performance making with extraordinary young minds.

Barrett Relationality and Ethical Know-how in Indigenous Research

Butt & O’Reilly The Ethics of Artistic Infrastructure under Neoliberalism


Edmonds Aboriginal young people, digital identities and ethical considerations for adopting collaborative methodologies in creative practice

Fitzpatrick, Mackay, Macfarlane, Phillips & Spiers Creating with Communities: A panel conversation on the ethics of Socially Engaged Art

Goodman Once More with Feeling: Whitehead’s concept of feeling and a trans-human ethics.

Hibbert & Djuric Art and the pain of others: creative collaboration and research ethics in the context of lived trauma

Horsley Public Displays of Affection – Disability Arts Collaboration and Consent

Kent + Peoples The Telepathy Project: Towards an ethics of collaboratively produced knowledge

Lavranos Telling a story and mediating reality in documentary practice: Problems that arise when capturing the stories of vulnerable participants in video.

Luckhurst Ethics and Actor Training

Newman & Adams The Question, the Material and the Ethos of Creative Research

Nykiel How ethical is a ball of string?

Vine Challenges for Journalism Creative Practice Research in the Academic Context: A Clash of Cultures and the National Statement’s Potential as Mediator

von Dietz Applying Ethical standards when creative practice causes harm.

Vu Coloured Aliens

Keynote Abstracts